While no two engagements are exactly alike, much of our efforts revolve
around the following activities during our review process:

  • Identifying vendors where sales tax has been paid incorrectly when
    the invoice was processed for payment.  

  • Identifying entries where use tax has been accrued and paid
    incorrectly on the monthly or quarterly use tax return to various states.  

  • Identifying vendors where use tax is due and was not reported.  This
    information along with that listed above can be used in a training
    seminar for the appropriate company employees.

  • Assist in reviewing sales tax audits and represent you to reduce
    assessments and in the approval of refunds.

  • Focus only on overpayments and advise you concerning obvious

The review is for the previous three years.  Our fee is based on the amount of
recovery of overpayments, so we will generate the revenue to pay our fee.  
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