Donald R. Eudy & Associates is not a large accounting firm.  Given that fact,
you can know that when you are dealing with us you will always get the
personalized, professional attention that your company deserves.  We would
never be sending you an accountant fresh out of school and have you spend
your valuable time teaching them about your business.

Rather, we know what to look for and have a
well-developed review process
which enables us to focus on areas that are most likely to yield valuable
results in the shortest amount of time.   

Additionally, we always have your best interests in mind under all
circumstances.  Our analyses are
fully confidential, and should we ever find
areas that need attention by your staff, we use the highest degree of
discretion when discussing the potential issues at hand.   
Donald R. Eudy & Associates
Sales and Use Tax Analysts
Experts in the Field of Sales and Use Tax
Donald R. Eudy
President and Founder
Established company in 1982.

Specializing in working with
manufacturers for over 25 years.

Member: IPT
Institute for Professionals in Taxation
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Donald R. Eudy & Associates
Sales & Use Tax Analysts
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