Sales and Use Tax law is a very specific section of code that has few
practitioners with as much hands on experience as Donald R. Eudy &
Associates.  We have been reviewing manufacturing operation financials for
over 25 years and pride ourselves in uncovering unusual exemptions within
various manufacturing processes.

Your company's Finance and Accounting departments work hard to ensure
that all of your taxes are paid accurately and on time.  However few state
revenue departments are going to be pro-active and notify you when your
company has either overpaid taxes - or paid taxes unnecessarily.

This is where we come in.

We have developed an
accounts payable review program that will quickly
identify overpayments of sales and use tax to vendors.  Our fees will be
determined by our successful recoveries of overpayments to vendors for the
past three years.

Why you should contact us today:

  • All future savings will belong to your company.
  • This program will permanently reduce your plant's operating costs.
  • This is a value added service that has no down side.

You owe it to your company's fiscal success to call us TODAY.  We have
references and stand behind our work 100%.  
Donald R. Eudy & Associates
Sales and Use Tax Analysts
Put Our Knowledge to Work for You
Our Mission
We find and recover Sales and Use
Tax money that your company
should not have paid - or has
overpaid - and get it back to you
at no cost to your firm.

Your company has everything to
gain and nothing to lose
by working
with us.    
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